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Product Code Product Name
Nar-111-1 DME F.W. (Drilling Mud Emulsifier in Fresh Water)
Nar-111-2 DME S.W. (Drilling Mud Emulsifier in Salt Water)
Nar-113 Primary Emulsifier (Oil-Based Mud)
Nar-114 Secondary Emulsifier (Oil-Based Mud)
Nar-153 OBM Viscosifier (Oil-Based Mud Viscosifier )
Nar-127-2 F.L.C. OB (Oil Based Mud Fluid Loss Controller)
Nar-115-1 Drilling Foam F.W.
Nar-115-3 Drilling Foam S.S.W (Salt Saturated Water)
Nar-115-4 Foaming Agent (Powder) for Fresh and Sea Water
Nar-116-2 Foam Stabilizer (Powder) for Fresh and Sea Water
Nar-117-1 Mud Defoamer(Alcohol Based)
Nar-117-2 Mud Defoamer(Silicon Based)
Nar-121-1 C.M.C. L.V. (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Low Viscosity)
Nar-121-2 C.M.C. H.V. (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose High Viscosity)
Nar-123-1 P.A.C. L.V. (Poly Anionic Cellulose Low Viscosity)
Nar-123-2 P.A.C. H.V. (Poly Anionic Cellulose High Viscosity)
Nar-IMP Xanthan Gum (XC Polymer)
Nar-124 PHPA(Partially Hydrated Polyacrylate)
Nar-125-1 Modified Wheat Starch (Red Starch HV)
Nar-125-2 Modified Potato Starch (Green Starch LV)
Nar-125-3 Modified Starch (High Temperature )
Nar-127-1 F.L.C. WB (Water Based Mud Fluid Loss Controller)
Nar-129-1 WB Thinner(Water-Based Mud )
Nar-131 Polymer Thermal Stabilizer (PTS )
Nar-134-1 Drilling Glycol M.C.
Nar-134-3 Drilling Glycol High Performance
Nar-137-2 Shale Inhibitor High Performance
Nar-169-1 H2S Scavenger (Powder)
Nar-169-2 H2S Scavenger (Liquid Triazine-Based )
Nar-170-1 WB Corrosion Inhibitor (Water-Based Mud Corrosion Inhibitor)
Nar-170-2 OB Corrosion Inhibitor (Oil-Based Mud Corrosion Inhibitor)
Nar-170-4 Completion Corrosion Inhibitor (Water-Based)
Nar-162 Pipe Lax(Pipe Free Agent)
Nar-163 Bit Lub (Lubricant)
Nar-174 Rig Wash
Nar-143 CaBr2 (Calcium Bromide liquid)
Nar-181 HCl(Hydrogen Chloride)
Nar-182 H2SO4(Sulfuric Acid)
Nar-183 CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride)
Nar-184 KCl (Potassium Chloride)
Nar-187-2 NaOH (Caustic Soda Flakes)
Nar-211-1 Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
Nar-319-1 Oxygen Scavenger (Powder)
Nar-319-2 Oxygen Scavenger (Liquid)
Nar-331-1 Bactericide (Oxidizing)
Nar-331-2 Bactericide (Non-Oxidizing Aldehyde-Based )
Nar-331-4 Bactericide (Non-Oxidizing Quad-Based )