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Product Code Product Name
Nar-438 Cement Defoamer (Alcohol Based)
Nar-439 Cement Friction Reducer (C.F.R.)
Nar-440-1 Cement Retarder L.T.(Low Temperature)
Nar-440-2 Cement Retarder H.T.(High Temperature)
Nar-441 Cement Accelerator
Nar-442-1 Cement FLC  F.W. & H.T (Cement Slurry Fluid Loss Controller Powder )
Nar-442-2 Cement FLC S.W. H.T. (Cement Slurry Fluid Loss Controller Powder )
Nar-450-1 Gas Blocking Agent (Powder)
Nar-420-1 Mud Push (Spacer) Powder
Nar-446 Magne-Set Retarder
Nar-447 Magne-Set Thinner
Nar-34 Hidense Powder
Nar-412 Silica Flour
Nar-442 Boric Acid
Nar-461 Cement Solvent
Nar-463 Cement Surfactant
Nar-465-1 Chemical Wash for Water-Based Mud
Nar-465-2 Chemical Wash for Oil-Based Mud